Congress leader’s son and actor Arunoday Singh files divorce petition in Bhopal

Arunoday Singh wife

Senior Congress leader Ajay Singh’s son and Bollywood actor Arunoday Singh has filed a divorce case under section 27 of Special Marriage Act with the family court in Bhopal. After dating 2 years, Arunoday and his wife Lee Anne Elton got married in December 2016. Elton is a Canadian citizen and the owner of Goa’s biggest Café.
Arunoday’s counsel, Gunjan Chowsey confirming that she has file a divorce petition on behalf of her client. She told that Arunoday made many efforts to save his marriage, but he could not succeed.
After this, he offered Lee a divorce proposal on the basis of mutual agreement, which his wife rejected.

Arunoday Singh with his wife Lee Anne Elton

Chowsey said that Arunoday took professional counseling to save the relationship, but due to differences, he failed. Arunoday has applied to the court on the basis of Irreconcilable differences, mental incompatibility and escalating domestic discord”.

Arunoday’s lawyer Gunjan further said that the problem between the couple had began soon after they moved Mumbai from Goa after marriage. Despite seeking timely counseling, ties between the two worsened steadily until divorce became the only logical solution.

It seems wiser to let go

Arunoday Singh has already announced the separation from Lee Elton on social media. He took to his Instagram and wrote: “I haven’t been writing or posting for a while. There’s a reason for it, a rather sad one: My marriage seems to be over. Turns out we were very good, but couldn’t survive reality. Despite our best effort, professional counseling, and a current trial separation, nothing seems to have helped bridge the fundamental differences that have emerged between us. It seems wiser to let go. I think we both deserve better. We shall try to resolve this with compassion and dignity”.

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